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It's a simple story, really!  Maritimer For Life  came about after looking for a way to show off our Maritime Pride in a way that hasn't been done.  Maritimers are proud and hard working people and we wanted an image that represents that; The lighthouse was an obvious choice, they stand beautifully on coast lines and are iconic.  

Once we settled on using a lighthouse, it was a matter of designing a logo that would capture the essence of the Maritimes - and we really believe that our lighthouse design does that!

While the logo was being developed, we started looking for clothing suppliers. Our #1 priority was to get Canadian made apparel.  We always struggled with paying high prices for clothing that we knew was supporting poor labour standards and was purely profit driven.  

We absolutely believe know that selling Canadian Made apparel makes a difference to Canadians - from those who make it, to those who are going to wear it. 

Who are we? 

A couple of Maritimers who want to unite other Maritimers - no matter where they're at!     

What makes Lionheart Clothing Co different?

We supported different charities in the past but we are now focusing on mental health.  First responders and Military experience things the average citizen does not.  We have to support them.

Do we buy local? We strive to have apparel that is made in the Maritimes but also from other parts in Canada.  

Of course we also use local businesses for silk-screening our apparel, business essentials, etc. whenever possible and feasible.

How do we make a global impact?

We use compostable mailers and look for cardboard boxes that use recycled paper.  We also re-use cardboard boxes to cut down on waste.


As Lionheart grows, so will our community support - help us make a difference!

Show your Maritime Pride with Lionheart gear! ♥